WALDEN - Music is our Nature

‘Walden or Life in the Woods’ by H. D. Thoreau is a well-known and thoroughly influential book, being a personal declaration of independence, a voyage of spiritual discovery, a call for the art of simple living and the intimacy of inwardness, celebrating the purity of nature in the image of Walden pond.

The same applies to the instruments of the WALDEN brand, one could say - with WALDEN guitars, there definitely is life in the wood. And opposed to Thoreau, their creator, luthier Jon Lee, is still alive as can be.
Schooled in the tradition of US-based guitar builders and starting as a partner at the handmade guitar shop CFox Guitars, Lee proceeded to work for well-established guitar brands BREEDLOVE and WASHBURN, refining his skills. Developing the WALDEN brand first with Taiwanese company KHS, he added to his craftsmanship the progressive approach of Asian fabrication and had WALDEN evolve to what it is today, a synthesis of the best from the East and the West.

Accordingly, WALDEN maintains the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, providing high quality instruments and powering high quantity production, focussing on playability, sustainability and affordability without foregoing eco-friendliness, aesthetics and a distinct uniqueness in terms of the guitars’ sound, soul, and handling.

From the premium models of the Supranatura series to the fairly priced models of the Standard series, the WALDEN line-up provides acoustic guitars for beginners, intermediates and professionals, with a twelve-string dreadnought model and the grand auditorium baritone guitar satisfying even special needs.

It comes down to features that you can’t see – but that you will hear as a listener and feel as a player, such as WALDEN’s Graphite and glass-fibre reinforced necks and Low-Mass Scalloped-X bracing (normally seen only on hand-made instruments), resulting in instruments with a tonal complexity and immediacy that is exceptional and makes a WALDEN unlike any other guitar in its price point. Partnerships with D’ADDARIO, FISHMAN Transducers, GRAPHTECH NuBone nuts and saddles and Ratio-tuned tuners ensure top-notch accessories and further enhance the trustworthiness of a WALDEN. Premium features such as real bone nut and saddle and the Laskin/Ryan inspired ergonomic armrest bevel are built into select instruments.

But ultimately, a great guitar is informed by the whole. When the minutiae come together to create an instrument that is ‘just right’, this is a WALDEN – speaking the mother-tongue of Mother Nature.

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